A retirement plan is a valuable benefit of employment that helps you save for your retirement by deferring part of your pay into an investment plan for the future.

  • Your employer selects the types of plans and features, including the contribution schedule, investment choices, income options and vesting rules.
  • You choose how much to invest, how to allocate your contributions, and name your beneficiaries.

Plans Available to You

Your employer offers one or more plans designed to help you reach your retirement savings goals. For information about the plan(s), see your Plans and Investments Choices.

Enroll to Participate

When you enroll, you’ll:

  • Choose investments in the plan that suit your time horizon, investment objective, and risk tolerance.
  • Specify how your contributions are to be allocated among those investments.
  • Name your beneficiaries.

Start Saving

Once your enrollment is processed, your contributions automatically transfer from your paycheck to your retirement plan account where the funds will be invested according to your allocations.

Remember, you can make changes to your retirement plan contribution amount and investment mix anytime after you enroll.

Need Help?

We understand that developing an investment strategy can seem overwhelming. That's why your employer has chosen TIAA-CREF to help you plan for retirement.

For help, you can call us anytime at 800 842-2252.

To learn more online, try Retirement Advisor  where you can get started with setting your goal, picking a strategy, and creating your plan.