These plans are provided by University of Washington. Your investment choices are listed within each plan.

University of Washington Retirement Plan

The UW Retirement Plan (UWRP) is a tax-deferred defined contribution plan that helps you save for retirement.

Faculty, librarians, and academic and professional staff employed at least 50% in an eligible job class, with an appointment that is ongoing or with a fixed duration of at least six consecutive months, are eligible to participate in the UWRP and can start participating in the UWRP on their first day of eligibility.

The UW helps you save even more for retirement by providing 100% matching funds to your own contributions. Both the UW and employee contributions are immediately vested, and the plan is 100% portable if you leave the UW. UWRP operates under federal tax law and the UW Retirement Plan Document.

University of Washington Voluntary Investment Program

The Voluntary Investment Program (VIP) is a tax-deferred optional retirement savings plan, operating under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). There are two important advantages to contributing to the VIP:

  • Your contributions are deducted from your gross salary before taxes are calculated and
  • Your contributions and earnings grow tax-deferred until you take a distribution. Even though your VIP contributions aren't matched, contributions will lower your taxable income and help build your retirement nest egg more quickly.
As a UW employee, you are eligible to participate in the VIP at any time, regardless of whether you are enrolled in another UW retirement plan. Nonresident aliens who receive no U.S.-source earned income and individuals receiving a Stipend as defined by the Department of Labor are not eligible to participate in the VIP. (Stipends are not reportable as wages on the IRS Form W-2 and therefore are not subject to federal withholding taxes.)